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What is JabJab, What is Jabber?

A cutout from Wikipedia:

Jabber is an open source alternative to proprietary Instant - messaging networks.

Here, in this area, common functions such as messaging, conferencing with multiple users Viewing the online status, file transfers, and many other services are supported. Main features of Jabber, the distributed, decentralized structure and the use of XML protocols for data exchange. Also allows Jabber via so-called 'transports' to communicate with users, in the proprietary networks such as ICQ or MSN are registered.

The Jabber project was started by Jeremie Miller in early 1998. The first publicly released larger version appeared in May 2000.

Main component of the project is the Jabber protocol. Also been implemented: jabberd server software, with the to Jabber clients to connect to chat. For example, a private Jabber network behind a Firewall are built, or you can participate in the global Jabber network.

JabJab.de is a German Jabber server, the pure desire to experiment with the various Jabber features originated ;-). Who knows what will come.

But enough talk, have fun chatting!


The domain jabjab.de is registered, the Jabber service is launched, useing jabberd2. First gateways for AIM and ICQ are installed.
Changed from Jabberd2 to a new Serverdaemon. I made my decision for Wildfire. The installation was very easy and the administration is nicely done via webinterface.
Time to move. The old hardware and data center is exchanged. From now on, an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 3000+ CPU and 1024 MB RAM at Euserv will do the trick :)
Any user may now use his Jabberd-ID as an E-mail address.
Added Yahoo Transport in an ealy beta version and moving to lighttpd.
The mail server now runs with spam protection and anti virus.
1000 users are registered.
Start of jabjab.de wiki.
Wildfire was renamed to Openfire.
Many disruptions (power and network) made me leave Euserver. Lookiing out for a new service provider. New home for JabJab.de now is manitu.
Moving was planned for 31.03.2007, but delayed because of time reasons.
Murphy's law: The moving didn't still happen, but a complete failure of the server makes me to.
May 2007:
Stress and much work in real live force me to neglect JabJab.de. The website and many services are still offline. The jabber server and all transports are up and running though.
The website is relaunched, the mail server up and running and all software upgraded. Die movement is finaly completed.
A second server is bought for webservices, mail and database. The jabber service is running on its own server.
JabJab.de turns 2. At 1,800 registered usersm the goal of 2,000 was narrowly missed.
The website is reachable over SSL now too.
JabJab.de is relaunched and the 3 version of the website goes online. The overall view is improved.
Back to the roots. Because of serveral uncertainys in german law, the mail service went down. JabJab.de also is now hosted at manitu again. Because of the high visits of this website, a own sub site at jabberwiki was created.
A big relauch is on the way: The new website is lauched, JabJab returned.
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